The Joint Public Health Informatics Taskforce (JPHIT) is comprised of member, affiliate and partner organizations. Learn more about JPHIT organizations by clicking on the logos below. See Contact Us to find out more about becoming a JPHIT affiliate member.


Member organizations provide governmental public health agencies with public health informatics capacity building assistance. Members vote on formal JPHIT actions.


Affiliate member organizations are occasionally added based on relevance of the organizational mission and membership to JPHIT priorities. Affiliates have all the benefits and responsibilities of full members but may not vote on formal actions.


Partner organizations may be invited to participate in JPHIT. Partners may participate on an ad hoc basis in JPHIT Board, committee or other meetings, receive relevant JPHIT communications, provide input to JPHIT deliberations, provide consultation to the JPHIT Board, and serve on JPHIT committees. Partners do not have voting privileges at Board meetings or on official JPHIT actions. At the invitation of JPHIT, Partners may work with JPHIT to complete work products and advocate on shared vision