Our Story

JPHIT is a coalition of nine national public health associations that help U.S. governmental public health agencies build modern information systems across a spectrum of public health programs.

Co-chaired and staffed by ASTHO and NACCHO, JPHIT envisions a public health system optimizing health promotion and protection for residents though public health informatics. As a taskforce of associations, JPHIT works for this vision by identifying synergistic opportunities, building national consensus, and ensuring a complete perspective on national issues that regard information technology development and use for public health.

The organizational structure of the Joint Public Health Informatics Taskforce (June 2018).

The organizational structure of the Joint Public Health Informatics Taskforce (June 2018).

Identifying Synergies

JPHIT identifies opportunities for national associations to combine efforts, and enhance the impact of capacity building projects. To identify and facilitate synergistic opportunities, JPHIT:

  • Meets every month to discuss national public health informatics issues and work with federal partners;
  • Convenes face-to-face meetings among national thought and policy leaders regarding informatics; and
  • Maintains strategic oversight on a portfolio of critical, informatics activities.
With JPHIT, policy makers get higher quality input and feedback from the public health community—you’ve automatically got the leadership and innovators around the table.
— Mark W. (Marcus) Cheatham, PhD Health Officer, Mid-Michigan District

Providing Complete Perspectives

JPHIT is a rapid and agile means to attain a complete perspective on public health IT issues, and mobilize the public health community for policy actions.

On the national stage, JPHIT has:

  • Mobilized public health’s response to Meaningful Use (MU);
  • Lead a national campaign to sustain MU Stage 3 rules for public health reporting;
  • Promoted engagement among public health professionals in national, standards development work; and
  • Facilitated a national dialogue of public health information technology and interoperability needs.

Building Consensus

JPHIT brings national associations and thought leaders together for a positive impact on national, state and local public health information technology (IT) standards and policy. JPHIT: 

  • Develops policy positions that articulate IT priorities shared across the U.S. public health system;
  • Maintains an action agenda to help alert public health professionals of national activities that impact their informatics work; and 
  • Partners with key stakeholders to promote public health informatics and coordinate input about national IT policy.